Message from The S.P.A. Committee

"S.P.A.는 실제 비즈니스 현장에서 필요한 영어 실력을 정교하게 측정하는 영어구술능력평가"

실무에서 사용 가능한 영어실력을 측정하는 S.P.A.
S.P.A.를 통해서라면 실용적인 인재 찾기 수월
응시자는 글로벌 비즈니스맨이 되기 위한 준비 무대로 활용

“The S.P.A. test measures objectively and realistically a candidate’s English speaking skills-the skills required in today’s international business world. A businessperson must know how to share his or her opinions on current affairs, or they may even have to introduce and sell their company’s products to international clients from around the world. International companies actively look for individuals who can handle these situations with ease. The S.P.A. test makes it easier for management to identify which businesspersons have the requisite English skills to work in an international environment. The S.P.A. test is also an excellent measurement to help individuals looking to enter the world of international business to identify and understand what skills are necessary to communicate effectively in the global business arena.”

S.P.A.는 상호간의 대화를 통해 심도 있게 진행되는 대면 테스트
시험 중 충분한 커뮤니케이션 통해 실제 영어실력 드러나
매년 글로벌 기업들과 비즈니스맨들의 S.P.A. 응시율 증가

“S.P.A. is a test designed specifically as a face-to-face interview administered by certified evaluator (it’s not a test where you can simply memorize answers). And finally, the S.P.A. test makes it possible to have an accurate and objective evaluation through a meticulous 3-step assessment process, which encompasses a categorical scoring system using a standardized rubric.

It is a real-time test in a real-time conversation, something technology and machines have not yet mastered. Therefore, we have the capability of giving follow-up questions and can receive follow-up answers. We can carefully assess test-takers communication skills in real time in an interactive conversation. Many international companies use the S.P.A. test, and tens of thousands businesspersons take the S.P.A. test every year. The numbers continue to grow because more and more international businesses are coming to rely on the validity and accuracy of the S.P.A. test.”